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Personalized Retirement Consultations

Occasionally, some hopeful retirees also wish to also tap our minds for more personalized consultations customized to suit their individual needs. Should you find that you need additional help crunching your own numbers and applying our information to your own unique situation, our staff would be happy to help! For a one-time service fee of $389, our personalized consultations include all of the following features and more:

  • Evaluation of a customized questionnaire you will complete that will consider how much you expect to have, how much you will need annually, how inflation will figure in, how much more you will need to save each year, etc;
  • Creation of a printed (and electronic) spreadsheet that will illustrate up to 20 years worth of possible/editable data concerning your net worth if you follow the plan and adjust it annually for inflation with or without additional savings.
  • Complete explanations of all write-ups, charts, figures, etc; in simple language to use as a supplemental guide.
  • A question/answer account whereby you can communicate via email with the representative assigned to your project
  • The completion of a formal retirement plan proposal sent to your home address at the conclusion of our consultation.