inflation and retirement planning
inflation and retirement planning
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The Internet Guide To Planning Your Retirement 


Inflation, Retirement Planning, & Much More!

Don't even think about retiring at any age unless you've obtained data regarding your nation's average rate of inflation over the last few decades and have carefully applied that information to your plan -- while allowing for you and/or your spouse to live at least 15 years beyond your medically-published life expectancy. 

As our guide to retirement will illustrate, obtaining relevant information about inflation and making the necessary computations on your own is so simple you can do it TODAY without leaving your computer. Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on investment consultations before first doing your own math and calculating the realities (or lack thereof) of retirement? 

At least with some research behind you, you'll be able to discuss retirement FAR more intelligently with your planner! 

If you think that you need, say, $55,000 post-tax dollars per year to support your current lifestyle and then factor in the variable of inflation -- over 20 years while drawing against an $800,000 nest egg yielding approx. 6%/year tax-free...will you be able to successfully support your lifestyle and keep up with inflation? How much extra would you need to keep re-investing and growing the income you yield at a pace with estimated inflation so as never to have to dip into your nest egg at all? If doing so isn't possible in your case, in what year would you be likely to run out of money? 

These are the kinds of questions we explore in our guide to retirement planning! Use our exemplary charts to see how easy it truly is to factor out estimated inflation for the decades to come...and to see what your financial picture might look like in 5..10..15 years and beyond.



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