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The Retirement Planning Guide

The Internet Guide To Planning Your Retirement 


Creating A Solid Retirement Plan

Isn't it easier to find an address with a map & some sort of directions than to blindly guess its rough whereabouts? In similar theme, the easiest way to achieve any goal in life is to follow a carefully conceived plan or "map" for doing so. 

Unfortunately, too many people attempt to retire with only a "ballpark" idea of how much they'll need, of how much their current lifestyles will cost in the future, and of what sort of "backups" they might have if one or more elements of their retirement plan happens to fail. 

Often, these same retirees rely on the loose investment counsel of financial planners without fully understanding their logic. Even if you're not the "driver" behind the wheel of your plan, it will certainly help if you personally know the best roads to take, have specific directions to follow, and know what alternate routes to pursue if "traffic" becomes unmanageable. 

How-To-Retire.Com provides the tools you need to either pilot or to become a good "backseat driver" for your own retirement plan. Don't wait for a financial counselor to visit with you to plan your future. Do you own homework first and then meet with him or hr for an intelligent, two-sided conversation about your retirement. 

The more YOU understand your TRUE needs, the more your financial planner or anyone else you hire will be able to genuinely assist YOU. 

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